Learning Leader Challenges: Using Analytics to Answer L&D’s Burning Questions


It’s often said that learning lags behind other areas of the business when it comes to reporting. Yet learner actions leave huge digital footprints across vast ecosystems of different systems and platforms.
Unifying and unlocking this data opens the door to wonderful insights that equip learning leaders to answer a whole array of burning questions.

Informing your answers with data is a surefire way to grab C-Suite attention and add gravitas to addressing your organization’s core challenges.

This guide highlights some essential questions learning leaders answer using data:
-Get inspired by the range of questions you can answer using data
-Explore the importance of automating reports
-Analyze & improve the learner experience
-Understand how content analytics lets you optimize your ROI


Watershed’s Learning Analytics Platform turns your learning data into insights that inform your learning strategy. Our reporting lets you assess the effectiveness of your learning programs, learner performance, and vendor effectiveness. Learning leaders can now measure and prove the business impact of learning, making data-informed decisions that engage the C-suite.

Watershed collects, aggregates, and standardizes data from across your learning ecosystem and presents it in easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Using HRIS data, you can view trends by any level of organizational hierarchy—by region, job role, even down to every interaction a learner makes, whatever system or platform they use.