5 Essential People Analytics Practices

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These five essential practices ensure the people analytics function is set up to deliver on its strategic promise. In this white paper, we've outlined the activities associated with each essential practice, as well as their importance to and impact on the success of a people analytics program.

Give Employees the Tools They Need to Learn & Lead

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Power your team with a learning solution that offers on-demand courses, hands-on tech learning, and cohort leadership development.

3 Ways to Take a Skills-Based Approach to Talent


Focusing on employee skills development allows them to tackle new challenges and provides talent agility for the entire company. It also lowers the risk of falling behind the competition, as companies direct talent resources to areas of greatest need by deploying employees to projects that match their skill sets. 

Skills Verification is the Future of Talent Management

The 2024 Global Learning & Skills Trends Report 

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Talent development requires a strategy that supports your employees acquiring the latest skills. Find out how you can apply skills verification to assess current skills, identify skill gaps, and demonstrate new skills to ensure your organization stays ready for the future. In this snapshot, we look at how badges and certifications can create an agile workforce. 

What’s the single factor that can determine whether a company can deliver on its goals? Skills. Get our report today to find out the hottest in-demand skills, how to navigate the skills landscape, how to adapt to the rise of GenAI, what kind of leaders we need in today’s workplace, and so much more.